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MLM Business Network Marketers – Three Ways to Generate Your Leads

To all MLM Business entrepreneurs - we recommend that you seriously consider generating your own leads. It will make a lot of difference to your business. As you’ve probably already discovered, without leads, your business is almost non existent. Unless of course, you’re lucky enough to have a large list of friends and family, which is something many network marketers have grown to dislike creating. We are going to give you three ways to generate your own leads which will be low cost and in some cases free to generate.

MLM self generated leads have the following advantages for you:

1) Your time will be saved as a result of only speaking to people who are truly interested in starting their own network marketing business.

2. These kind of leads will be more responsive because when they receive your email or phone call, they’ll remember signing up at your web page (provided you contact them straight away).

3. These kind of leads will often be at no cost to you or will be a relatively low cost.

4. A lot of these prospects will phone you asking about your business, and some of them may even join without contacting you first.

5. You select the questions asked when they sign up, so you can create leads targeted to your specific market.

Posting On a Blog
Creating and posting on a blog is one way to create leads for your business. If you create a blog based around your particular niche, and create a community of people who read your articles, you will attract people who are interested in your market.

Generating Leads with Videos
One excellent way to generate leads is by creating videos and submitting them to video directories online. In the description next to the video, place a link to your lead capture page (where people sign up for your information), along with a description of what you can do for them.

You could create videos about different aspects of your market that will interest people or educate them. Remember, you don’t have to show your face on the video – you could do a video with PowerPoint slides or a step by step video showing your viewers how to do something.

Article writing is another Lead generation method.

A third way to inspire leads to fill out their details, is to write short educational videos and submit them to article directories and ezine publishers. By submitting them to different places on the internet, you will circulate them amongst interested readers. Before writing an article, work out who your target market is, so you can “talk” to them throughout the article. Make a decision on whether you are writing to prospects who want to build a business or to prospects who may want to purchase your products. Focus your article on a relatively small group of people.

At the end of the article, write a few lines to inspire people to click on the link to your lead capture page. Whatever method you are using, always provide an easy way for people to contact you and access your MLM business lead capture page.

Why Join a Business Internet Marketing Opportunity

There are many reasons why you should join a business Internet marketing opportunity and why it would be a benefit for you to be part of it. This kind of opportunity will provide for you a great way to work from home earning a decent income. It will be just like any job except you are actually going to be able to pick something that you enjoy doing and be getting paid for it on a consistent basis. I know most people that go get a job always look forward to their paycheck at the end of the week and they don’t actually enjoy the job that they’re doing.

But when you join a business Internet marketing opportunity you will have the choice to choose from the ones that you actually have a passion for and would enjoy doing. There are so many out there that it’s impossible not to find one that you like, it just takes time to find it. The only way that you’re going to find it is to stay focus on accomplishing your goals. The mistake that many people make is join the opportunities that are supposedly easy or payout the highest income. If this is the kind of mindset that you have you are going to struggle and probably fail.

When it comes down to it you have to make sure that you pick something you enjoy to do and continue to do it on a regular basis. Being able to pick something that you have a passion for is one of the great benefits of joining a business Internet marketing opportunity just remember to stay focus on making this happen.

Can Network Marketers Build a Successful Online Business and Recruit More People?

Network marketing has changed many peoples lives and has helped them attain success that they never even dreamed about. But on the flip side a lot of people fail at network marketing and do not know how to build a successful business and want to learn how to recruit more people into their organization.

Here are some tips to help you build your business on the internet.

1. First thing you will need to know that it will not be easy. For some odd reason, network marketers think that by bringing there into the internet, it will smooth sailing from there. I have no idea why this is the case though. Remember, the internet is just a promotional tool, and a very powerful one at that.

2. If you want to succeed online, you will need to bring people who are interested in what you have to offer to your website on a daily basis. If you waste your energy just trying to bring your family and friends just like most network marketing training teach, you will be very aggravated when they don’t know join you. Why does this happen? Well it’s because they are not targeted prospects.

There are 200 million people out there looking for a home based business…which is what you have to offer.

3. Email marketing will be important also because not everyone will be interested in what you have to offer initially. Since this is the case, learn to consistently communicate with them and give them value. Show them tips that you have learned and things you may feel will help them. The point is do not just show you are only interested in recruiting them, because they will see right through that.

How to Get Started With Real Estate Investing

One of the first things that you must do to get started as a real estate investor is to know what is taking place in your market. You must know what is happening in your market so that you can tailor your investing strategy to your market. You need to approach your real estate investing business as a business. Think about this idea for a moment…

When a new major retailer (Walmart, Home Depot etc.) is looking to open a brand new facility in the area, they will do market research beforehand. They are going to do some demographic research to see if the store would be able to sustain itself before they move forward. In a similar manner, you are going to need to do a little bit of research to ensure that you are using the right techniques with your real estate investing business.

Once you know what is happening in your market, you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Based on what is going on in your area, will seller financing be a good strategy? What about wholesaling or lease options? Each of these strategies are more effective under certain market conditions and when you align your strategy with your market conditions, you will increase your success significantly.

So, the real key is to know which indicators will provide you with the most useful information.

Key Indicators

Jobs – Employment s a key factor that drives the real estate market. Generally speaking, people will want to live nearby their employment. So, as jobs are moving into an area, this will increase the demand for housing and rentals. If the area does not have many jobs coming in, you will also see a decreased demand. Since the real estate market is controlled by supply and demand, the number of jobs coming in to an area gives you a very good idea of the demand. You have to know this to know what is going on in your area.

You can obtain a lot of information from the city planner. They can tell you about new companies that are moving into the area, how many jobs they are creating, and the income range for those jobs. This is valuable information to have as a real estate investor.

Occupancy Rate – A factor to understand the demand for rental properties in the area is the occupancy rate. Vacancy is a key factor to know whether rental properties are in demand in your area or not. This is another perfect example of why you must know your market prior to investing. If vacancy rates are very high for your area, investing in rental properties is probably not the best idea for you. You would have a harder time finding a tenant. The property would be vacant for a while and you would continue to make mortgage payments. This is why it is critical for you to start your investing business by knowing your market. This will save you a lot of time, money, and heartache later on.

Property management companies are a good place to obtain occupancy rates. Call them and let them know that you are an investor and considering several properties in the area. They will see you as a potential client and they will usually be happy to provide you with the information that you are seeking. Another alternative is to look in the newspaper each week to see the homes for rent section. Over time, this section will give you an idea of what the demand for rentals is for your market.

Rent Incentives – Rent incentives can be a key indicator of the balance between the supply and demand for rental properties. As a general rule of thumb, the fewer rent incentives you see, the more demand there is over the supply. When the supply of rental properties is greater than the demand, you will see many landlords offering some sort of incentive or promotion. They are trying to give a potential tenant a reason to choose their property over the rest of the competition. So, when you see a lot of rent incentives, it means that the supply of properties is greater than the demand for rentals. You will see incentives like a low deposit, a few months of free rent, cash towards buying a home, or some other sort of offer to get them in the property.

Incentives are easy to spot as you are looking at properties on the Internet, in the newspaper, or any other method where you can find them. The important part is that you see a lot of incentives. It will not just be one here or there.

New Units Permitted – When someone is going to build a home, they must obtain a building permit from the city. Your city will have information on the number of new building permits that have been issued over the last month and the last year. Every home that is built adds to the inventory. Since supply and demand are the factors that are driving the market, the building permits add to the supply.

As an investor, if you see that there are a lot of jobs coming in (demand) and there are not very many units permitted (supply), then that means that you have found a hole in the market. You could start looking at developing some land and building new houses to meet the incoming demand. See how this information can help you get started on the right foot and see the opportunities in your market?

The city planner has the information on the number of new units that have been permitted. As you might have noticed, the city planner is an extremely valuable resource for you as an investor. Most real estate investors overlook the value of what the city planner can offer. It is highly recommended that you spend a little time with your city planner to know what is happening in your area. You can make a lot of money using their market knowledge coupled with your investing strategy.

Inventory for Sale – This indicator refers to the existing homes that are currently on the market. We are trying to measure the supply and demand in the area. The supply is going to be the total of new units that have been permitted and the existing homes for sale.

The existing homes for sale are an easy indicator to measure. Any real estate agent with access to the Multiple Listing Service can tell you how many homes are currently for sale in the area. I highly recommend tracking this on a monthly and yearly basis. This will help you measure whether inventory is rising or falling.

Average Days on Market – The days on the market will tell you how long (on average) it is taking for homes to sell in your market. This will give you an idea of the activity taking place in your area and how quickly a home will sell. Market activity affects the balance between the supply and demand. The days on the market (DOM) can help you know how long it will take for the demand to catch up to the supply and vice versa.

The days on the market can also be obtained from your real estate agent that has MLS access. Let them know the areas that you want to focus on and it can give you that information. You will also want to track this monthly so that you can see changes going on in the market.


Now you can use this information to begin your real estate investing business. To be successful, you must know what is taking place in your area. These key indicators will help you understand supply and demand in your market. You will also be able to see opportunities in your market.

If you are tracking these indicators over time, you can also see changes that are occurring in your market. You will then be able to adjust your strategy to match the changing trend. Doing this research is very profitable, and it will make the difference between an average investor, and a great investor.

You can also get a real estate investing guide that will serve as a tool of how next steps to take beyond this article.

Probate Real Estate Investing and Agent Opportunities

Investing in Real Estate for flips, long term holding or just for tax benefits is nothing new. I have been doing this for 30 years. We all know you can leverage with Real Estate and earn fantastic returns along with tax benefits. The difference and what I want to talk about is investing in a special niche of Real Estate which most stay away from. This niche is Probate Real Estate Investing.

I have been Probate Investing since 1987. Let me explain the process and why it has been so lucrative but for so few. When a person passes, if they don’t have a living trust then their estate must be probated in order to pay off creditors and transfer the assets to the rightful heirs. This is a time consuming process which is very hard on the family and on average runs for 4 months plus.

Now, the real estate in an estate is usually the biggest asset and is going to be sold to settle the estate and disburse the net dollars to the heirs according to the will of the decease. Sounds simple doesn’t it but in reality this process is the most stressful and time consuming event in most people’s lives when they are the Executor of an Estate. The responsibility the Executor has is almost unbelievable especially when this person most likely has never had to do anything like this. There are time lines and requirements they must adhere to, assets to first find, then appraise, manage and finally disburse to the heirs. There is limited help from the Estate Attorney representing the family as most tasks are handled by the Attorneys Para-legal and the Executor is usually kept in the dark. I have seen this predicament a common denominator with Executors in probate.

There are two processes in Calif one may probate under. The old law is a dinosaur and basically handcuffs the Estate as far as the Real Estate to be sold is concerned from attracting only Wholesale buyers. The other process is the done under the Independent Administration of Estate Act which allows the Executor to treat the real estate to be sold like a regular home sale with a few exceptions. A much easier process and also enables retail buyers who have interest in the Probate Investing to bid. I could go on and on regarding this process but I think you can understand. States other than Calif will have a process equal to or less than Calif’s Probate process so once you understand Calif’s Probate process, it’s usually just a small adjustment for a different State. During the 90′s most estates where processed under the old probate process in my area and in my opinion it was to keep any liability off the attorneys for allowing a property to sell to cheap with a possible complaint later on form the heirs. There is really no other reason to go through the old court confirmation process when selling a home in probate other than this. In today’s Probate world, probably 50% are going through the I.A.E.A which is where we want to be but many are still being probated under the old process.

For those in the know, you can purchase probate property early in the process and control the sale. I can dictate which probate process the sale will conducted under in my offer and I’m usually the only one approaching the Estate. I’m there the week the probate file is opened at court which is before most tasks have been completed. This has produced many wholesale buys for my investors and I over the years and here is the reason why I love Probate Investing.

Executors want the probate RE off their plate. They are worried about a vacant property being vandalized, maintenance to be performed, and in many cases they have moved into the home during this process. What we bring to them is peace of mind by buying the probate real estate and taking the biggest head ache off their shoulders. Also, this is Free money and even though they are selling to me at a discount, the proceeds look mighty good to them and the heirs not to mention the biggest asset now in cash. Buying probate property with the right game plan and know how can mean $50K profits (90 days) if you know what you’re doing. Plus many don’t understand the Probate process or options so stay away. Unlike foreclosures there are no lists which tell you which properties to approach.

I also love Probate Investing because we don’t purchase blind like many foreclosures plus the properties are usually in great shape as it’s not a distress sale. For 20 years I have enjoyed probate investing and it still amazes me today that most of my fellow agents and investors shy away. I’m not complaining…

In my opinion Probate Investing is the best opportunity to purchase single family and 2-4 unit real estate at wholesale prices and flip. This can also be a great way to accumulate rental properties buying with a 15-25% equity position the day you close for long term investing.

For you Real Estate agents Probate Real Estate is a great way to increase your yearly commissions just listing and selling probates and providing help to the Executor in selling. I have kept busy from an investor and agent standpoint working probates. In fact through the 90′s I worked about 10-15 hrs per week and earned more than my real estate practice paid me working 60hrs per week.

Anyone interested in Probate Investing should research this real estate niche.