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MLM Business Network Marketers – Three Ways to Generate Your Leads

To all MLM Business entrepreneurs - we recommend that you seriously consider generating your own leads. It will make a lot of difference to your business. As you’ve probably already discovered, without leads, your business is almost non existent. Unless of course, you’re lucky enough to have a large list of friends and family, which is something many network marketers have grown to dislike creating. We are going to give you three ways to generate your own leads which will be low cost and in some cases free to generate.

MLM self generated leads have the following advantages for you:

1) Your time will be saved as a result of only speaking to people who are truly interested in starting their own network marketing business.

2. These kind of leads will be more responsive because when they receive your email or phone call, they’ll remember signing up at your web page (provided you contact them straight away).

3. These kind of leads will often be at no cost to you or will be a relatively low cost.

4. A lot of these prospects will phone you asking about your business, and some of them may even join without contacting you first.

5. You select the questions asked when they sign up, so you can create leads targeted to your specific market.

Posting On a Blog
Creating and posting on a blog is one way to create leads for your business. If you create a blog based around your particular niche, and create a community of people who read your articles, you will attract people who are interested in your market.

Generating Leads with Videos
One excellent way to generate leads is by creating videos and submitting them to video directories online. In the description next to the video, place a link to your lead capture page (where people sign up for your information), along with a description of what you can do for them.

You could create videos about different aspects of your market that will interest people or educate them. Remember, you don’t have to show your face on the video – you could do a video with PowerPoint slides or a step by step video showing your viewers how to do something.

Article writing is another Lead generation method.

A third way to inspire leads to fill out their details, is to write short educational videos and submit them to article directories and ezine publishers. By submitting them to different places on the internet, you will circulate them amongst interested readers. Before writing an article, work out who your target market is, so you can “talk” to them throughout the article. Make a decision on whether you are writing to prospects who want to build a business or to prospects who may want to purchase your products. Focus your article on a relatively small group of people.

At the end of the article, write a few lines to inspire people to click on the link to your lead capture page. Whatever method you are using, always provide an easy way for people to contact you and access your MLM business lead capture page.